Hey gang! Welcome to our Radio Nope Infohub! We’ll be posting news about shows, music played, reviews featured on our station. On this second to the first post, we’ll be introducing a weekly feature that lists the songs we have added to our station for that week. Here are this week’s songs!!

Peachtea – Pt.1 (N. America)

Pollens – J-train (mister manufacture)

Latvian Radio – Shake The Tree (Pick Your Poison, Pick Your Blues)

Mavis Staples – All Over Again (If All I Was was Black)

Sons of Raphael – Eating People (Eating People/Rio single)

Swingin’ Utters – Don’t Ask Why (Drowning In The Sea, Rising With The Sun)

Swingin Utters – The Librarians Are Hiding Something (Drowning In The Sea, Rising With The Sun)

They Might Be Giants – I Left My Body (I Like Fun)

Making Movies – La Marcha (You Are Another Me)

Freaks of Nature – Tell Me Lies (Songs For Savages)

Lewsberg – Non-fiction Writer (Non-fiction Writer)

Poder Fantasma – Por qué no tiramos una bomba en la moneda (Poder Fantasma E.P.)

Robbing Banks – Timebomb (This & That)

The Backlund – Bad People With Good Tattoos (The Backlund)

The Lumes – Anguish (The Lumes)

The Lumes – Satan (The Lumes)

The Maharajas – You Can’t Beat Youth (You Can’t Beat Youth)

The Sweet Release of Death – Post-Everything (The Sweet Release of Youth)

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