In case you forgot, there’s a new Star War coming Friday, so I decided to do a sequel to the Episode VII warm up mix I did two years ago (and replayed last week!)

This time, I turned to Songs From Under the Floorboards host Jacques Granger, who has forgotten more about Italo Disco than I can hope to learn, for help. He sent me a huge cache of tunes that I’ve been sorting through for the past few days.

Those plus a few French disco tunes I had squirreled away and a few (possibly unsurprising) surprises make up… well, one hell of an hour. I had to leave so much good stuff out! This could have been another 2 hour mix, but I restrained myself.

So tune in to Radio NOPE at 11/10C TONIGHT for the SttM Episode VIII Warm-up Mix and Space Disco Party II!

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