A note from Bob about tonight’s show:

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I strongly suspect that I bought more music in 2017 than I had in any year previous. Trying to make an episode out of my favorite tunes of the year has backed up this suspicion. For a bit it was looking like I was compiling another 2 hour episode, until I realized that it was becoming even more unwieldy even than that…


Rather than one episode, I’m taking a page from the book of BeeDub (host of Radio NOPE’s own The Spacerock Continuum, which airs every Wednesday at 8E/7C) and breaking it down into 3 or 4 episodes. Episode 103 upcoming is part one, with a club-heavy batch of tunes in the 100-145 BPM range. There will also be some Brit-hop, some dance rock, and a splash of very hard techno. Do tune in to Radio NOPE this week on Wednesday night, (10E/11C), and please also consider joining me in to the chatbox for discussion, running commentary and real-time tune IDs.

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