Oh boy! Oh boy, howdy! Here in 2018, we are proudly on the cutting edge of the information society! We’re going to let you know, in a timely and weekly manner*, all the groovy new music that we add to our 24/7 playlist, right here, on this ‘ol Radio NOPE Infohub.  Let us know what you think of our additions. Heck, let us know what you might like to hear on Radio NOPE in the comments.


Lucille Furs:  Carrie & JudyThe Fawn of Teal Deer (Lucille Furs)

Jeff Rosenstock:  Yr Throat (Post-)

Body Futures:  Criminal Standards – No Points for Second Place – When I Took That Train  (Maybe It’s Just the Weather)

Twelves:  Venice Kanikama – Leech Digger – Free Stocks Unlimited (Twelves)

A View Of Earth From The Moon:  One Thousand Miles Apart – Casa Batilo – Distance Runner (Closer To A Ghost)

Willie Nelson:  No Place For Me – Lumberjack

Hollywood Sinners:  Chunk of Steel – Abuelo del Skate (Khöme Kakkä)

The Effects:  Anchors Aweigh (Eyes to the Light)

The Prids:  Summer Cult (Do I Look Like I’m In Love?)

The Cavemen:  Trash Talkin’ Paint Huffin’ Girl (The Cavemen)


*weekly yes, timely, we’ll see

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