Songs From Under The Floorboards – A Spectacular Beyond Comprehension!!!!

It’s Wednesday, which means a spectacular new episode of Songs From Under the Floorboards,tonight at 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central on Radio NOPE | Jacques Granger will be playing fourteen songs. One is by Youell Swinney, one is by Hype Williams, one is from the superlative new Body Futures album, and the other eleven are by other people. After that, please stick around for […]

Live From The Barrage is BACK!

TONIGHT!  Like a phoenix rising from the ashtray, snapped back to life against its own will like Lazarus of the Five Boroughs, like a bouncing Baby New Year having it’s first proper belch, it’s Live from the Barrage Episode #227! Listen live at 8PM EST on and find out all sorts of stuff! When the routine […]

Jailbreak – RETURNS!!!!!

  We’re bringing you a message straight from Mr. Tree Voigt. Pay attention, gang!   “Oh hi! We all know that Live from the Barrage returns tonight and in a WHOLLY unrelated, complete coincidence, so does my schizophrenic, unreliable show Preemptive Strike! Funny how that worked out, don’tcha think? When we left PS, we were in the […]