From the desk of Bob Chapman (the host):

“Listen to Radio NOPE Wednesday night at 11/10C for another brand new episode! Join the cool kids in the chatbox to talk about the tunes (or anything else that comes up)!

Episode 107 is an experiment coming out of some things I’ve been trying out with Grey Area techno, specifically how its polyrhythms can bridge 170 BPM (D&B tempo) and 127 BPM (Berlin techno tempo). It features tunes from SMG Autonomic maestros and Berghain techno mainstays, and one that nobody knows who it’s from. And once the experimental bit is over, I can assure you that it all comes to a rousing finish. So give it a listen and help me evaluate the results…”

While you’re waiting for this fine episode, check out Bob’s blog, Step To The Music for related information, musings and show playlists!

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