Live From The Barrage – No Guest? No Problem. (they have each other)

  There are no special guests tonight! They don’t need them tonight. They have each other. They will play the latest great rock tapes that you’ve never heard of. They will talk baseball and music, take phone calls and break balls. Listen live: Live call in: 1-718-577-2716 twitter: @fromthebarrage iTunes archive: AIM: livefromthebarrage  

Songs From Under the Floorboards – Songs by “Head Noise”, “Frontline Assembly”, “Jack Alberson” and nine others.

A note from Jacques Granger: Good afternoon. I’m hosting a new episode tonight at 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central on Radio NOPE | I’ll be playing twelve songs. One is by Head Noise, one is by Frontline Assembly, one is from Jack Alberson‘s excellent forthcoming album, and the other nine are by other people. Please listen in! And please stick around for […]