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Join host Brian Musikoff for an hour of music (mostly Rock of the independent persuasion) finely selected in accordance with the weekly BIG IDEAR . Click an episode, media player is at page bottom for ya!

MusicOn w/ Musikoff: Ep. 09- Eighties THRASH



S.O.D.- Freddy Kruger


Sadus- Twisted Fate

Tankard- Tantrum

Forbidden- As Good As Dead

Sacrilege BC- Azmeroth

Zoetrope- Prohibition


Adrenaline O.D.- Office Buildings

D.R.I.- I’d Rather Be Sleeping

Cryptic Slaughter- Set Your Own Pace

Suicidal Tendencies- Memories of Tomorrow

C.O.C.- Technocracy

Ludichri$t- Most People Are Dicks


Destruction- Eternal Ban

Kreator- Ripping Corpse

Sodom- Electrocution

Pestilence- Extreme Unction

Testament- C.O.T.L.O.T.D.

Exodus- A Lesson in Violence


Whiplash- Warmonger

Nuclear Assault- Radiation Sickness

Sacred Reich- No Believers


Death Angel- Road Mutants



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