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Join host Brian Musikoff for an hour of music (mostly Rock of the independent persuasion) finely selected in accordance with the weekly BIG IDEAR . Click an episode, media player is at page bottom for ya!

MusicOn w/ Musikoff: Ep. 14- Stand-up Comedy (Vol. 1)



Redd Foxx- Sex (1978)

Belle Barth- excerpt from Live at Frolic Theater (’63)

Freddie Prinze- excerpt from Lookin’Good LP (’75)


Patton Oswalt- The Ham Incident (Finest Hour, Live @ Moore Theatre, Seattle, 2011)

Wanda Sykes- Black Vs. Gay (Im’a Be Me, 2009)

Dana Gould- Phobias (Let Me Put My Thoughts In You, 2008)

Steven Wright- Apartment (I have a Pony LP, ’85)

Mantan Moreland- French Girl (That’s Not My Finger LP, ’70)


Dave Hill- The Magic of Japan (Let Me Turn You On, 2015)

Bob Newhart- Topless Clubs (This Is It, 1978)

Phyllis Diller- (excerpt from ’78)

Leroy & Skillet- Smart Pills (Johnny Otis Show Live!, 1970)

Robin Williams- Come Inside My Mind (Reality…Waht a Concept LP, ’79)


Moms Mabley- Friends (Apollo Theatre, ’72?)

Flip Wilson- The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress (1970)

Don Rickles- (excerpt from Hello, Dummy LP, 1968)

Brian Posehn- Slayer (Fart & Weiner Jokes, 2010)

Chris Rock- Tossed Salad Man (Bring the Pain, 1996)


Albert Brooks- excerpt from Memoirs of an Opening Act (Comedy Minus 1 LP, 1973)

Joan Rivers- My Parents Hated Me (Apollo Theater, 2004)

Richard Pryor- Mafia Club (1981)

George Carlin- We Like War (1993)




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