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Join host Brian Musikoff for an hour of music (mostly Rock of the independent persuasion) finely selected in accordance with the weekly BIG IDEAR . Click an episode, media player is at page bottom for ya!

MusicOn w/ Musikoff: Ep. 17- Homestead Records (Part 1)



Squirrel Bait- Kid Dynamite (Skag Heaven- HMS 072)


Blackjacks- Blackjacks Manifesto (Basic Blackjacks- HMS 001)

Great Plains- Lincoln Logs (Born in a Barn- HMS 004)

Windbreakers- All That Stuff (Terminal- HMS 005)

Salem 66- Across the Sea (7”- HMS 006)

Breaking Circus- Knife in the Marathon (The Very Long Fuse- HMS 012)


Dinosaur- The Leper (Dinosaur- HMS 015)

Sonic Youth- Death Valley ’69 (Bad Moon Rising- HMS 016)

Volcano Suns- Descent Into Hell (Bright Orange Years- HMS 020)

U-Men- The Fumes (Stop Spinning- HMS 024)

Antietam- Orange Song (Antietam- HMS 025)


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds- Train Long Suffering (Firstborn Is Dead- HMS 026)

Green River- Swallow My Pride (Come On Down- HMS 031)

Sorry- Just Making Noise (The Way It Is- HMS 036)

Death of Samantha- Grapeland (Strungout on Jargon- HMS 039)

Big Black- Passing Complexion (Atomizer- HMS 043)


Naked Raygun- I Remember (All Rise- HMS 045)

Micronotz- 40 Fingers (40 Fingers- HMS 054)

Uzi- Ha Ha Ha (Sleep Asylum- HMS 055)

Phantom Tollbooth-Valley of the Gwangi (7”- HMS 058)

Big Dipper- Faith Healer (Boo Boo- HMS 077)

The Lorries- Crawling Mantra (Crawling Mantra 12”- HMS 082)


Honor Role- Absolve (Rictus- HMS 102)

Membranes- Time Warp 1991 (Kissass Godhead- HMS 108)

My Dad Is Dead- Lay Down the Law (Lets Skip the Details- HMS 109)

Beat Happening/Screaming Trees- Tales of Brave Aphrodite (12” EP- HMS 110)

Daniel Johnston- Get Yourself Together (Hi, How Are You?- HMS 117)


The Ex- Headache By Numbers (Aural Guerrilla- HMS 115)




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