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Join host Brian Musikoff for an hour of music (mostly Rock of the independent persuasion) finely selected in accordance with the weekly BIG IDEAR . Click an episode, media player is at page bottom for ya!

MusicOn w/ Musikoff: Ep. 18- Homestead Records (Part 2)



Sleepyhead- Hot Stuff (Starduster, HMS-214)


Gibson Bros.- Satanville (Big Pine Boogie, HMS-119)

Rhys Chatham- Guitar Trio (Die Donnergotter- HMS 120)

Giant Sand- The Doors (The Love Songs- HMS 125)

Fish & Roses- Raisins (We Are Happy to Serve You- HMS 130)

Happy Flowers- Unhappy Meal (Oof- HMS 136)

Pastels- Swerve (Sittin’ Pretty- HMS 144)


Nice Strong Arm- Desert Beauty Bloom (Stress City, HMS 151)

Love Child- Know Its Alright- (Okay?- HMS 153)

Bastro- Recidivist (Sing the Troubled Beast- HMS 164)

Sebadoh- Gimme Indie Rock (7”- HMS 165)

King Kong- Businessman (Old Man on the Bridge- HMS 167)

The Frogs- Homos (Its Only Right and Natural- HMS 169)

Flying Saucer- Plastic Fruit (7”- HMS 171)

The Mad Scene- People to Talk To (Falling Over Spilling Over, 7”- HMS 172)


Electric Eels- Agitated (God Says Fuck You- HMS 174)

Seam- Decatur (Headsparks- HMS 177)

Bratmobile- Kiss & Ride (7”- HMS 178)

Tsunami- Genius of Crack (7”- HMS 179)

Bodeco- Hong Kong, Mississippi (Bone, Hair, Hide- HMS 183)

Babe the Blue Ox- Chickenhead Bloodsucker (7”- HMS 195)


Bull- Horweens (Gordon Zone, HMS 197)

Table- Spindrift (7”- HMS 201)

New Radiant Storm King- Phone Call 2 (Rival Time- HMS 207)

Truman’s Water- Enflamed (Godspeed the Punchline- HMS 209)

Tara Key- Long Trail (Bourbon County- HMS 210)


Pony- Prizefighter (Cosmovalidator- HMS 213)

Blunderbuss- False Monarch (Conspiracy- HMS 219)

Soul-Junk- Junca de sol Andromeda (1953- HMS 236)


Ivo Perelman- Cama De Terra (Cama De Terra- HMS 237)





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