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Join host Brian Musikoff for an hour of music (mostly Rock of the independent persuasion) finely selected in accordance with the weekly BIG IDEAR . Click an episode, media player is at page bottom for ya!

MusicOn w/ Musikoff: Ep. 21- Minute Long Songs


ALL- Check One

Los Marauders- Slicker Than Snot

Tsunami- Brick Book Building

Jad Fair- Morning

Municipal Waste- Abusement Park

7 Sec- All Came Undone

Cows- I Remember You

Rudimentary Peni- Him Hymn

Naked Raygun- Jettison

OFF- I Dont Belong

Pond- 14

Mick Boogie- Beastie Intro

Minor Threat- Small Man Big Mouth

Soundgarden- 667

Bad Brains- Pure Love

YLT- False Ending

De La Soul- A Little Bit of Soap

MBV- Touched

Born Against- Test Pattern

The Who- Medac

TFUL282- Not This World

DK- Child & Lawnmower

Sloan- Gas Chamber

Melvins- Big as a Mountain

Wire- Another the Letter

AOD- Fuck the Neighbors

Cheap Trick- Oh Claire

ELO- Dark City

Beatles- Honey Pie

Soccer Team- Look At You

Big Boys- Lesson

Fear- Gimme Some Action

Minutemen- The Only Minority

Siah- freestyle

GBV- Chain to the Moon

Broken Social Scene- Tremola Debut

Brakesbrakesbrakes- Porcupine or Pineapple

Locust- An Extra Piece of Dead Meat

AC- Limp Bizkit Think Theyre Black...

Lennon- My Mommys Dead

Calvinist- Flamboyant Jewels

Sonic Youth- Simpsons Theme

DRI- Reaganomics

SOD- Chromatic Death

Ludichrist- Legal Murder

Descendents- Weinersnitchel, I Like Food, Kids

Lemonheads- Fucked Up

Replacements- Careless

Hüsker Dü- Bricklayer

Handsome Boy Modeling School- Modeling Sucks

Hurl- All the Thoughts You Swallowed

Metz- Escalator Teeth

Seaweed- Metal Gazer

Big Black- I Cant Believe

Jay Reatard- Its So Easy

Pagan Babies- Dirty Knees

Token Entry- Look Around

CroMags- Survival of the Streets



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