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MusicOn w/ Musikoff: Ep. 26- The Early Years of TOO PURE RECORDS.



Stereolab- Super Electric, 10” (PURE4, 1991)


Sun Carriage- See How They Fly, Now Thats Disgusting Music Comp. (PURE1, 1990)

Th’ Faith Healers- Pop Song, 7” (PURE2. 1990)

Th’ Faith Healers- Reptile Smile, In Love EP (PURE6, 1991)

PJ Harvey- Dress, 7” (PURE5, 1991)

Stereolab- Peng!33, Peng! LP (PURE11, 1992)

Moonshake- Sweetheart, Eva Luna LP (PURE16, 1992)


Moonshake- Two Trains, Big Good Angel EP (PURE22, 1993)

Seefeel- Polyfusion, Quique LP (PURE28, 1993)

Pram- Blue Singer, Iron Lung EP (PURE17, 1993)

Voodoo Queens- Supermodel Superficial 7” (PURE21. 1993)

Pram- Radio Freak in a Storm, The Earth Is So Big…LP (PURE26, 1993)


Laika- Red River- Silver Apples of the Moon (PURE42, 1994)

Mouse On Mars- Elli in Wunderland, Vulvaland LP (PURE36, 1994)

Minxus- Silk Purse- S/T cassette (PURE40, 1994)

Long Fin Killie- The Lamberton Lamplighter, Houdini LP (PURE47, 1995)

Long Fin Killie- Flower Carrier, Houdini LP (PURE47, 1995)

Jack- Stardust , 7” (PURE49, 1995)

Seely- Meteor Shower, Julie Only LP (PURE61, 1996)

Scala- Tears, Lips & Heaven EP (PURE56, 1996)


Stereolab- We’re Not Adult Orientated, The Group Played Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (PURE19, 1993)

Th’ Faith Healers- It’s Easy Being You, Lido LP (PURE12, 1992)



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