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M+/M- Ep. 55: CHOCOLATE!



Big Boi- Chocolate


Hershey’s- The Great American Chocolate Bar (TV spot, 1979)

Shudder to Think- Chocolate (*request)

GBV- Chocolate Boy

Beat Happening- Hot Chocolate Boy

The Undertones- More Songs About Chocolate & Girls

Liz Phair- White Chocolate Space Egg


Hershey’s- Messy Marvin (TV spot, 1981)

Randy Watson- Sexual Chocolate introduction (Coming to America)

Kool & the Gang- Chocolate Buttermilk (1969)

Issac Hayes- Chocolate Chip (1975)

Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers- Double Chocolate Malted

Howlin’ Wolf- Chocolate Drop


Nestle- Nestle S-crunch-ous (TV spot, 1980)

Lulu- Chocolate Ice (*request) (1965)

Butthole Surfers- Chewin’ George Lucas’ Chocolate

Johnny Bennett- Two Cheeseburgers & a Chocolate Malt

Electric 6- Chocolate Pope

Stuyvesant- Chocolate Phoenix

NOFX- You Put Your Chocolate In My Peanut Butter (*request)


Nestle- Hot Quik (TV spot, 1978)

The Chocolate Moose- The Chocolate Moose Theme (*request) (1966)

The Bee Gees- Chocolate Symphony (1967)

Doris Day- A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night (1947)

Ween- Chocolate Town

Soccer Mommy (Sophie Alison)- Death by Chocolate

Tosca- Chocolate Elvis

Big Daddy Kane (feat. Mister Cee, Scoob Lover, Scrap Lover, Lil’ Daddy Shane, Laree Williams)- Chocolate City


Cadbury- Creme Filled Easter Egg (TV spot, 1983)

Tom Waits- Chocolate Jesus

Tay Zonday- Chocolate Rain




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