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M+/M- Ep. 70: New Year's EGG



US Egg Board- Incredible Edible Egg (TV spot, 1978)

Alice Donut- Egg (Buckets Full of Sickness & Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life, Alternative Tentacle Records,  1989)


Eggs- Its Hard to Be an Egg (Bruiser LP, Teen Beat Records, 1992)

Ludichri$t- Green Eggs & Ham (Immaculate Deception LP, 1986)

Death of Samantha- Ham and Eggs 99¢ (Strung Out on Jargon, Homestead Records, 1986)

Liz Phair- White Chocolate Space Egg (Whitechocolatespaceegg LP, 1998)

UI- The Long Egg (Sidelong, Southern Records , 1995)


Bastro- 3 Eggs in a Sock (Rode Hard and Put Up Wet EP, Homestead Records, 1988)

Tarnation- Little Black Egg (Mirador LP, 4AD Records, 1997)

The Seahorses- Happiness is Egg Shaped (1997)

Giant Sand- Temptation of Egg (Chore of Enchantment, Thrill Jockey, 2000)

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- I’m Putting All My Eggs in One Basket (Ella & Louis Again LP, Verve Records, 1957)


US Egg Board- Breakfast Song (TV Spot, 1980)

GBV- Drugs & Eggs (1993, released on Suitcase 2 comp. in 2005)

GBV- The Future is in Eggs (Self Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia cassette, 1989)

Iggy Pop- Eggs on a Plate (Party LP, 1981)

Goo Goo Dolls- Hammerin’ Eggs (S/T LP, 1987)


Beastie Boys- Eggman (Paul’s Boutique LP, 1989)

A Tribe Called Quest- Ham n’ Eggs (Peoples Instinctive Travels & Paths of Rhythm LP, 1990)

Ween- Pork Roll Egg & Cheese (The Pod LP, Shimmy Disc Records, 1991)

Adam & the Ants- Never Trust a Man with Egg on His Face (Dirk Wears White Sox LP, 1979)

Gwar- Crack in the Egg (America Must Be Destroyed LP, 1992)


The Night Crawlers- Little Black Egg (Little Black Egg LP, 1967)

Herbie Hancock- The Egg (Empyrean Isles, Blue Note Records, 1964)




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