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M+/M- Ep. 81: SKATEROCK! w/ cohost Dave Savage



Token Entry- Jaybird (Jaybird, 1988) NYC


Jan & Dean- Sidewalk Surfin (single, 1964) LA

Underdog- Frontside Grind (demo, 1987) NY/NJ

Dayglo  Abortions- Shred Central (Here Today, Guanno Tomorrow, 1987) Victoria, Canada

JFA- Ramp Song (self titled LP, 1984) Phoenix, AZ

JFA- Skateboard (Valley of the Yakes, 1983) Phoenix, AZ

Slammin Watusis- Skt Skt Skt (Self titled LP, 1988) Chicago


Ratt Black- Skate Rock (s/t, 2015) LA

The Faction- Skate & Destroy (No Hidden Messages, 1983) San Jose

ENUF- I Just Wanna Skate (demo, 1988) NJ

Minus One- The Kids Don’t Skate Here (Thrasher Skaterock Vol. 1, 1983) SF

The Stupids- Layback Session (Van Stupid, 1987) Ipswitch, England


Flema- Fernando Anda En Skate (Resaka, 1998) Argentina

Johnny Rad- Live at the Blue Tile (Search for Animal Chin, 1987)

Gritando- Ande De Skate (E Desura, 2000) Sao Paulo, Brazil

Suicidal Tendencies- Possessed to Skate (s/t, 1983) Venice Beach

The Boneless Ones- Skate for the Devil (Skate for the Devil, 1986) SF


Spermbirds- My God Rides a Skateboard (Live, 1988) Germany

Gang Green- Skate to Hell (Another wasted Night, 1986) Boston

McRad- McShred Absence of Sanity, 1987) Philly

D.I.- Skate or Die (On the Western Front, 2007) LA

Adolescents- Skate Babylon (Brats in Battalions, 1987) LA


Panty Sniffers- Sexo Skate y Rock (Sexo, Skate y Rock N' Roll

2005) Puerto Rico

Violent Children- Skate Straight (7”, 1984) CT

Descendents- Doug Rides a Skateboard (outtake from Enjoy, 1986) Doug Carrion bassist of Doggy Style & Dag Nasty

Teenage Hell- Corriendo Olas De Concreto (2005) Puerto Rico

Charles Bronson- Skate for God (7”, 1997) Dekalb, Illinois

Common Enemy- Skate That Shit (T.U.I., 2006) VA

Teenage Bottlerocket- Skate or Die (They Came From the Shadows, 2009) Wyoming


Lupe Fiasco- Kick Push (Food & Liquor, 2006) Chicago





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