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M+/M- Ep. 84: TATTOOS



The Boston Spaceships- Tattoo Mission


Kermit the Frog- Lydia the Tattooed Lady (Muppet Show, 1977)

The Who- Tattoo (The Who Sell Out, 1967)

Captain Howdy- Tattoo of Blood (Tattoo of Blood, 1996)

Wye Oak- Tattoo (The Knot, 2009)

Ray Campi- Tattooed Lady (Rockabilly Ladies, 2000)


Van Halen- Tattoo (A Different Kind of Truth, 2012)

Frank Turner- Tattoos (outtake, Tape Deck Heart, 2013)

Fountains of Wayne- Red Dragon Tattoo (Utopia Parkway, 1999)

Nancy Sinatra- White Tattoo (single, 1969)

Pretenders- Tattooed Love Boys (S/T, 1980)

Porch- Tattooed Love Boys (S/T, 1994)


Karate- Bad Tattoos (S/T, 1996)

Smokey Robinson- A Tattoo (Pure Smokey, 1974)

Wiz Khalifa- Ink My Whole Body (single, 2009)

Weird Al Yankovic- Another Tattoo (Alpocalypse, 2011)

Eastern Anchors- Tattoos & Revelry (Drunken Arts & Pure Science, 2012)


The Backlund- Bad People with Good Tattoos (Here’s To Feeling Good All the Time, 2017)

Turbonegro- Screwed & Tattooed (outtake, Ass Cobra, 1996)

Trophy Wives- Bad Tattoos (Old Scratch, 2011)

The Long Blonde- Swallow Tattoo (Someone to Drive You Home, 2006)

Dropkick Murphys- Rose Tattoo (Signed & Sealed in Blood, 2013) (*request)


The Tombstones- Jailhouse Tattoo (Twang from the Grave, 2006)

Wally Dogger- Tramp Stamp (We’ve Turned Into Monsters, 2008)


Dude Ellington- The Tattooed Bride (Masterpieces by Ellington, 1951)


*bed music- Link Wray- Tattoo (recorded in 1961, released by Norton Records in 1997)




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