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M+/M- Ep. 100: Me, Myself, & I


De La Soul- Me, Myself, and I (3ft High and Rising, 1989)

Eric B. & Rakim- I Ain’t No Joke (12”, 1987)


OFF!- I Don’t Belong (1st EP, 2010)

Bad Brains- I (ROIR cassette, 1982)

Ramones- I Just Want to Have Something to Do (Road to Ruin, 1978)

Beatles- I, Me, Mine (Let It Be, 1970)

Night Marchers- And I Keep Holding On (See You in Magic, 2008)

Big Boys- I Do Care (No Matter How Long the Line…, 1985)


Dag Nasty- Can I Say (Can I Say, 1986)

Polvo- Can I Ride (Cor-Crane Secret, 1992)

Fitz of Depression- I Can’t (Swing, 1995)

Embrace- I Wish I (S/T, 1987)

Lemonheads- Glad I Don’t Know (Lick, 1989)


Risk/Reward- Addle Me (2 LP, 2014)

Dis- - Catch Me, I’m a Prick (The Historically Troubled 3rd Album, 1996)

Wire- Different to Me (Pink Flag, 1977)

Fugazi- Do You Like Me (Red Medicine, 1995)

Hüsker Dü- Find Me (Flip Your Wig, 1985)


The Beths- Future Me Hates Me (Future Me Hates Me, 2018)

XTC- Are You Receiving Me? (White Music, 1978)

Filthy Friends- Break Me (Emerald Valley, 2019)

Brian Eno- Cindy Tells Me (Here Come the Warm Jets, 1973)

The Shivers- Don’t Tell Me (single, 1979)


MC5- Call Me Animal (Back in the USA, 1970)

Afghan Whigs- Conjure Me (Congregation, 1992)

Roky Erickson- Don’t Slander Me (I Have Always Been Here, 1985)

Visqueen- Forgive Me (Message to Garcia, 2009)


Spent- Excuse Me While I Drink Myself to Death (Songs of Drinking and Rebellion, 1994)

Chisel- Breaking Up with Myself (8AM All Day, 1996)

Greenhorn- Conversations with Myself (7”, 1992)

Sweet Diesel- Note to Myself (Wrongville, 1997)

Cro-Mags- By Myself (Age of Quarrel, 1986)


Entombed- I for an Eye (Morning Star, 2001)



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