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M+/M- Ep. 105: YEARS



Statler & Waldorf- It Was a Very Good Year (Muppet Show Ep. 406, 1979)

Idaho- Year After Year (Year After Year, 1993)


Howlin’ Wolf- How Many More Years? (single, 1951)

Iron Maiden- Wasted Years (Somewhere in Time, 1986)

David Bowie- Golden Years (Station to Station, 1976)

Adam Franklin & the Bolts of Melody- I Used to Live For a Thousand Years (Black Horses, 2013)

Dr. Janet- 10 Years Gone (7”, 1990)


Embrace- End of a Year (s/t, 1987)

Born Against- 9 Years Later (9 Patriotic Hymns for Children, 1991)

Zeni Geva- 10000 Light Years (10000 Light Years, 2001)

Thinkin’ Fellers Union Local 282- Hundreds of Years (Strangers from the Universe, 1994)

Man or Astroman- 10 Years After World War 4 (Made from Technetium, 1997)


Nada Surf- Blankest Year (The Weight is a Gift, 2005)

Built to Spill- 3 Years Ago Today (Ultimate Alternative Wavers, 1993)

Sebadoh- 2 Years, 2 Days (Bubble and Scrape, 1993)

Mule- A Hundred Years (If I Don’t Six, 1994)

Maple Stave- Year After Year This House Will Come Down (Like Rain Freezing…, 2010)


The Hi-fives- 7 Years (Welcome to My Mind, 1995)

Empire State Troopers- 15 Years (Upstate Again, 2007)

The Proletariat- 10 Years (Voodoo Economics…, 2006)

Wire- 23 Years Too Late (Read + Burn, 2007)

Developer- The Witching Years (Project 52: week 36, 2010)


The Family Ghost- Lost Year (No Dream, 2014)




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