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M+/M- Ep. 112: Songs about "NEW"


7 Seconds- New Wind (New Wind, 1986)

Poster Children- Brand New Country (Grand Bargain, 2018)

Two Cow Garage- Brand New Flag (Brand New Flag, 2016)

Burning Airlines- Everything Here is New (Identikit, 2001)

Brainiac- Fresh New Eyes (Electroshock for President, 1997)

Senator Flux- New Age Alchemy (Shotgun for Cosmo, 1987)

Toots & the Maytails- My New Name (single, 1965)

Beastie Boys- The New Style (Licensed to Ill, 1986)

Gorilla Biscuits- New Direction (Start Today, 1989)

Burn- New Morality (Do or Die, 2017)

Naked Raygun- New Dreams (All Rise, 1985)

Hüsker Dü- New Day Rising (New Day Rising, 1985)

Meat Puppets- New Gods (Meat Puppets II, 1983)

Fitz of Depression- New Disgrace (Swing, 1995)

Seaweed- New Tools- (Weak, 1992)

6 Going On 7- New Improved (Heartbreaks Got Backbeat, 1999)

Nazareth- Turning a New Leaf (Malice in Wonderland, 1980)

Testament- The New Order (The New Order, 1988)

Slayer- New Faith (God Hates Us All, 2001)

Damned- New Rose (Damned Damned Damned, 1977)

Cramps- New Kind of Kick (Bad Music for Bad People, 1984)

Obits- New August (Moody, Standard, & Poor, 2011)

Gardener- New Dawning Time (New Dawning Time, 1999)

Oranger- New Comes & Goes (New Comes & Goes)

Soul Asylum- New Feelings (Made to Be Broken, 1986)

ExHex- New Kid (Rips, 2014)

Pitchfork- New Kid (Eucalyptus, 1990)

Drive Like Jehu- New Math (Yank Crime, 1994)

Superchunk- New Low (On the Mouth, 1992)

Mission of Burma- New Nails (Vs., 1982)

Pointed Sticks- New Ways (b-side, 1979)

Silkworm- Treat the New Guy Right (Lifestyles, 2000)

Braid- The New Nathan Detroits (Frame & Canvas, 1998)

Varsity Drag- New Strings (R&R is Such a Hassle, 2009)

Zincs- New Thought (Dimmer, 2005)



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