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M+/M- Ep. 132: a spotlight on drummer AMY FARINA (Warmers, The Evens, Coriky)


The Warmers- The Lowdown (s/t, 1996)


The Warmers- Mad at the Man (s/t, 1996)

The Warmers- Your Escape (s/t, 1996)

The Warmers- The Beautiful Light (s/t, 1996)

The Warmers- Walking Solves It (s/t, 1996)

The Warmers- Poked with a Stick (s/t, 1996)


Lois- What’s Her Name (Shy Town EP, 1996)

Lois- Page Two (Shy Town EP, 1996)

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists- Come Baby Come (Treble In Trouble EP, 2000)

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists- The 11th (Treble In Trouble EP, 2000)

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists- Treble in Trouble (Treble In Trouble EP, 2000)


The Warmers- Totally Free (Wanted:More, 2004)

The Warmers- RSVP/In a Cadence (Wanted:More, 2004)

The Warmers- Berretta USA (Wanted:More, 2004)


The Evens- Shelter Two (s/t, 2005)

The Evens- Around the Corner (s/t, 2005)

The Evens- Crude Bomb (s/t, 2005)

The Evens- If Its Water (s/t, 2005)

The Evens- You Won’t Feel a Thing (s/t, 2005)


Joe Lally- The Resigned (There to Here, 2006)

Joe Lally- Lidia’s Song (There to Here, 2006)


The Evens- Everybody Knows (Get Evens, 2006)

The Evens- Cache is Empty (Get Evens, 2006)

The Evens- Pushed Against the Wall (Get Evens, 2006)

The Evens- No Money (Get Evens, 2006)

The Evens- Dinner with the President (Get Evens, 2006)


The Evens- King of Kings (The Odds, 2012)

The Evens- Wanted Criminals (The Odds, 2012)

The Evens- Warble Factor (The Odds, 2012)

The Evens- Broken Finger (The Odds, 2012)

The Evens- This Other Thing (The Odds, 2012)


Coriky- Say Yes (s/t, 2020)

Coriky- Too Many Husbands (s/t, 2020)

Coriky- Jack Says (s/t, 2020)


Coriky- Clean Kill (s/t, 2020)




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