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M+/M- Ep. 136: THE ZOO


Screaming Females- Zoo of Death (b-side, 2006)


Swallow- Zoo (s/t, 1989)

GBV- Pimple Zoo (Alien Lanes, 1995)

The Mae Shi- Vampire Zoo (Terrorbird, 2004)

Ex-Models- Zoo Love (Zoo Psychology, 2003)

Melt-Banana- Chipped Zoo on the Wall (Charlie, 1998)


The Lindas- At the Zoo (8x9, 2019)

The Apes- Zookeepers Night Out (Baba’s Mountain, 2005)

The Flaming Lips- Xmas at the Zoo (Clods Taste Metallic, 1995)

The Birthday Party- Zoo Music Girl (Prayers on Fire, 1981)

Tera Melos- Frozen Zoo (Patagonian Rats, 2010)


Meatwave- Cosmic Zoo (Delusion Moon, 2015)

American Standard- Petting Zoo (Piss & Vinegar, 1995)

Scorpions- The Zoo (single, 1980)

Spirit- Animal Zoo (12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, 1970)

Kinks- Animals at the Zoo (Percy, original soundtrack, 1971)


(Bronx Zoo tv spot, 1980)

The Commodores- The Human Zoo (Machine Gun, 1974)

Dr. Hook- Jungle to the Zoo (A Little Bit More, 1976)

Gorilla Warfare Tactics- Zoology (Zoology, 2019)

ODB- Brooklyn Zoo (12”, 1995)

The Ynoe- LA Zoo (Tapebaby, 2017)


Built to Spill- Living Zoo (Untethered Moon, 2015)

Mew- The Zookeeper’s Boy (And the Glass Handed Kites, 2005)

Curve- Zoo (Frozen EP, 1991)

Fews- The Zoo (Means, 2016)

The 6ths- San Diego Zoo (Wasps’ Nest, 1995)


Daniel Johnston- Like a Monkey at the Zoo (Songs of Pain, cass., 1980)

Julie Felix- Going to the Zoo (The Third Album, 1966)

Tom Petty- Zombie Zoo (Full Moon Fever, 1989)

Aldous Harding- Zoo Eyes (Designer, 2019)

Simon & Garfunkel- At the Zoo (Bookends, 1968)


Tide/Edit- To the Zoo (All My Friends, 2018)




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