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M+/M- Ep. 146: GOLD


Pavement- Gold Soundz (Crooked Rain…, 1994)


B. Hamilton- Gold Tooth (Everything I Own Is Broken, 2011)

Bastro- Gold Fillings (Rode Hard & Put Up Wet, 1988)

Drive Like Jehu- Golden Brown (Yank Crime, 1994)

Grant Hart- Golden Chain (The Argument, 2013)

GBV- Gold Star for Robot Boy (Bee Thousand, 1994)


Pond- Golden (Rock Collection, 1997)

Sloan- Golden Eyes (Never Hear the End of It, 2006)

Screaming Trees- Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue (Change Has Come EP, 1990)

Sleepyhead- Solid Gold (Starduster, 1994)

Sparklehorse- Gold Day (It’s a Wonderful Life, 2001)


Rudimentary Peni- Black & Gold (Cacophony, 1987)

Antioch Arrow- Antioch Gold (In Love with Jetts, 1994)

Last of the Juanitas- Golden Sombrero (Hawaii, 2000)

Call Me Lightning- Golden Radical (The Trouble We’re In, 2004)

Frisco- Gold Cutlass (Love Songs for Phantom Limbs, 2019)

Ho-Ag- Golden All Night (Pray for the Worms, 2004)


Smart Went Crazy- Gold Star (Now We’re Even, 1996)

Swervedriver- Golden Remedy (Future Ruins, 2019)

Bad Heaven Ltd.- Gold (Strength, 2018)

Sonic Youth- I Love You Golden Blue (Sonic Nurse, 2004)

The Birthday Party- Six Inch Gold Blade (Peel sessions, 1981)


Big Business- Gold & Final (Mind the Drift, 2009)

Boyjazz- She’s Got Gold (United Nights & Weekends, 2012)

Le Butcherettes- Sold Less Than Gold (A Raw Youth, 2015)

White Denim- Hallelujah Strike Gold (Side Effects, 2019)

Virgin Islands- Smells Like Gold (Ernie Chambers Vs. God, 2011)


Federation X- Good as Gold (X Patriot, 2003)

Radio Birdman- Man with Gold Helmet (Radios Appear, 1977)

Stereolab- Golden Ball (Transient Random Noise Bursts…, 1993)


Stone Roses- Fool’s Gold (single, 1989)


*bed music- John Barry- Goldfinger, instr. (Goldfinger Soundtrack, 1964)



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