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M+/M- Ep. 165: ENTOMBED


Entombed- Year One Now (Morning Star, 2001)


Nihilist- Sentenced to Death (Premature Autopsy demo, 1988)

Nihilist- Face of Evil (Only Shreds Remain demo, 1989)


Entombed- Drowned (Left Hand Path, 1990)

Entombed- But Life Goes On (Left Hand Path, 1990)

Entombed- Bitter Loss (Left Hand Path, 1990)

Entombed- Abnormally Deceased (Left Hand Path, 1990)


Entombed- Sinners Bleed (Clandestine, 1991)

Entombed- Blessed Be (Clandestine, 1991)

Entombed- Stranger Aeons (Clandestine, 1991)


Entombed- Rotten Soil (Wolverine Blues, 1993)

Entombed- Wolverine Blues (Wolverine Blues, 1993)

Entombed- Heavens Die (Wolverine Blues, 1993)


Entombed- Lights Out (DCLXIV, 1997)

Entombed- Somewhat Peculiar (DCLXIV, 1997)

Entombed- Damn Deal Done(DCLXIV, 1997)


Entombed- Addiction King (Same Difference, 1998)

Entombed- Clauses (Same Difference, 1998)

Entombed- What You Need (Same Difference, 1998)


Entombed- Won’t Back Down (Uprising, 2000)

Entombed- Instantly Contagious (Uprising, 2000)

Entombed- Time Out (Uprising, 2000)

Entombed- Superior (Uprising, 2000)


Entombed- I for an Eye (Morning Star, 2001)

Entombed- Bringer of Light (Morning Star, 2001)

Entombed- Ensemble of the Restless (Morning Star, 2001)

Entombed- When It Hits Home (Morning Star, 2001)


Entombed- The Fix Is In (Inferno, 2003)

Entombed- Young & Dead (Inferno, 2003)


Entombed- Masters of Death (Serpent Saints, 2007)

Entombed- The Dead, the Dying, and the Dying to Be Dead (Serpent Saints, 2007)



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