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M+/M- Ep. 168: RABBITS


Chas & Dave- Rabbit (single, 1980)


Boss Hog- Sugar Bunny (Drinkin’, Letchin’, Lyin’, 1989)

DEAD (AU)- Rabbits (single, 2018)

Brainiac- Smack Bunny Baby (Smack Bunny Baby, 1996)

The Cravats- Jam Rabbit (Hoorahland, 2020)


Lemonheads- Rabbit (Hate Your Friends, 1987)

Pansy Division- Bunnies (Stars Kill Rock comp., 1993)

Turbonegro- Black Rabbit (Ass Cobra, 1996)

Electric Eels- Bunnies (single, 1981)

Mervin Shiner- Peter Cottontail (single, 1950)


Lost Under Heaven- Bunny’s Blues (Love Hates What You’ve Become, 2019)

Magnetic Fields- Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits (69 Love Songs, 1999)

Of Montreal-  Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider (Hissing Fauna, 2007)

Adam Ant- Who’s a Goof Bunny Then (The Blueblack Hussar…, 2013)

King Missile (Dogfly Religion)- The Bunny Song (They, 1990)

Ray Anthony- Bunny Hop (single, 1952)


Damned- White Rabbit (extended version 12”, 1983)

Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit (Surrealistic Pillow, 1967)

T-Rex- Rabbit Fighter (Slider, 1972)

Panic! at the Disco- Mad As Rabbits (Pretty Odd, 2008)

Akmal Shaikh- Come Little Rabbit (single, 2009)

Mountain Goats- Hello, Old Rabbit (Hail & Farewell Gotherburg, 2000)


Jesus Lizard- Happ Bunny Goes Fluf-Fluf Along (Pure, 1989)

Rezin Tooth- Rabbit Hole Dub (s/t, 2020)

Beauty Pill- Dog with Rabbit in Mouth, Unharmed (Describes Things…, 2015)

Milk Cult- Rabbit in the Hole (Burn or Bury, 1994)

Urinetown- Don’t Be the Bunny (Orig. Cast Recording, 2001)


Singing Postman- Shot a Rabbit Up a Tree (Second Delivery, 1965)

Blind Lemon Jefferson- Rabbit Foot Blues (78RPM, 1926)

The National- Pink Rabbits (Trouble Will Find Me, 2013)

Shins- Red Rabbits (Wincing the Night Away, 2007)


Sun O)))- Rabbit’s Revenge (00 Void, 2000)



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