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M+/M- Ep. 170: Needles, Syringes, and Shots


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Alice Donut- Diet Cola Syringe (Donut Comes Alive, 1988)

Jackie De Shannon- Needles & Pins (single, 1963)
The Searchers- Needles & Pins (single, 1964)
Smokie- Needles & Pins (Bright Lights & Back Alleys, 1977)
Ramones- Needles & Pins (Road to Ruin, 1978)
Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks- Needles & Pins (Pack Up the Plantation, 1985)

Beastie Boys- Sure Shot (Ill Communication, 1994)
Polvo- Sure Shot (Today’s Active Lifestyles, 1993)
Rival Schools- Shot After Shot (Pedals, 2011)
Handsome- Needles (s/t, 1997)
Kerosene 454- Injection (Came By to Kill Me, 1997)

Brian Eno- Needle in the Camel’s Eye (Here Come the Warm Jets, 1974)
Slade- Forest Full of Needles (What Ever Happened to Slade, 1977)
AC/DC- Inject the Venom (For Those About to Rock, 1981)
Sanction- Answers from a Syringe (Broken In Refraction, 2019)
Chubby Checker- Hey Bobba Needle (single, 1963)

Sugar- Needle Hits E (b-side, 1992)
Nils- Scratches & Needles (Now!, 1982)
Seam- Pins & Needles (Headsparks, 1991)
Haymaker Riot- A Needle That Skips (Bloodshot Eyes, 2001)
Jesus Lizard- Needles for Teeth (Blue, 1998)

Low Mantra- Flicking the Syringe (Essential Violence, 2019)
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Needle & the Spoon (Second Helping, 1974)
Skeleton Key- Needle Never Ends (Fantastic Spikes Through Balloons, 1997)
Flaming Lips- Gemini Syringes (Embryonic, 2009)
Kyle Craft- Bed of Needles (Showboat Honey, 2019)

Upsetters- A Live Injection (Single, 1969)
The Velvelettes- Needle in a Haystack (single, 1964)
The Springfields- Silver Threads & Golden Needles (single, 1962)
Neil Young- Needle & the Damage Done (Harvest, 1972)
Green River- Needle & the Damage Done (live, LA, 1987)
GG Allin- Needle Up My Cock (You’ll Never Tame Me, 1985)

Yo La Tengo- Needle of Death (Today Is the Day, 2003)



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