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M+/M- Ep. 177: Gardens


Oranger- Garden Party for the Murder Pride (New Comes and Goes, 2005)

The Fugs- The Garden Is Open (Tenderness Junction, 1968)
Overlake- Gardner’s Bell (Fall, 2017)
Sloan- Green Gardens, Cold Montreal (The Double Cross, 2011)
Smart Went Crazy- Garden Variety Hate Song (Now We’re Even, 1996)
Anderson Council- Gardening Man (Looking at the Stars, 2012)

Lifetime- Spiders in a Garden (s/t, 2007)
Ramones- Garden of Serenity (Halfway to Sanity, 1987)
Melvins- Let God Be Your Garden (Ozma, 1989)
Rudimentary Peni- The Gardener (s/t EP, 1981)
Liars- Garden Was Crowded and Outside (They Threw Us…, 2002)

GBV- The Garden (unreleased, 1987)
Robert Pollard- Garden Smarm (Lord of the Birdcage, 2011)
Silkworm- Garden City Blues (In the West, 1994)
Hinds- Garden (Leave Me Alone, 2016)
REM- Gardening at Night (Murmur, 1983)

James Gang- Tend My Garden (Rides Again, 1970)
Neil Young- After the Garden (Living With War, 2006)
Beatles- Octopus’s Garden (Abbey Road, 1969)
United States of America- Garden of Earthly Delights (s/t, 1968)
Masters of Reality- Blue Garden (s/t, 1989)

Hurry Up Shotgun- Witches In the Garden (Abracadabraham Lincoln, 2014)
Issac Turner- He Was a Gardener (PRF BLM, 2020)
Smack Dab- Walking Garden (Queen Crab, 1993)
Siouxsie & the Banshees- Hong Kong Garden (7”, 1978)
Courtney Barnett- Avant Gardner (A Carrot Into a Rose, 2013)

Nelstone’s Hawaiians- Fatal Flower Garden (78 RPM, 1930)
Mountain Goats- The Garden Song (Hound Chronicles, 1992)
Mountain Goats- Hot Garden Stomp (Hot Garden Stomp, 1993)
Mountain Goats- Island Garden Song (Coroner’s Gambit, 2000)
Mountain Goats- Design Your Own Container Garden (See America Right, 2002)

James Gang- Garden Gate (Rides Again, 1970)
Carole & Paula- See Ya (The Magic Garden TV show, 1972)



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