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M+/M- Ep. 187: THING & THINGS


Rodan- Big Things, Small Things (Peel session, 1994)

Municipal Waste- The Thing (Hazardous Mutation, 2005)
Poison Idea- This Thing Called Progress (Pick Your King EP, 1983)
Agent Orange- No Such Thing (Living In Darkness, 1981)
Descendents- Good Good Things (I Don’t Want to Grow Up, 1985)
Dag Nasty- Things That Make No Sense (Field Day, 1988)
Pointed Sticks- Real Thing (single, 1979)

Q-Tip- Vivrant Thing (Amplified, 1999)
Ultramagnetic MCs- Kool Keith Housing Things (Critical Beatdown, 1988)
Famoso & LaFleur- Just One Thing (Bada Bing EP, 2017)
Ollie & The Nightingales- I Got a Sure Thing (single, 1968)
Isley Brothers- It’s Your Thing (single, 1969)
Sugar Minott- Good Thing Goin’ (single, 1981)

UFO- Natural Thing (No Heavy Petting, 1976)
ELO- Livin’ Thing (New World Record, 1976)
The Kinks- Better Things (single, 1981)
Captain Beefheart- Crazy Little Thing (Clear Spot, 1972)
Antietam- Things You Can’t Explain (Tenth Life, 2011)
Bettie Serveert- This Thing Nowhere (Palomine, 1992)

INXS- The One Thing (single, 1982)
The Fixx- One Thing Leads to Another (single, 1983)
Big Black- Precious Thing (Songs About Fucking, 1987)
The Fall- Telephone Thing (single, 1990)
Josef K- Art of Things (Sorry for Laughing, 1981)
Sonic Youth- Kool Thing (Goo, 1990)

Sugar- Your Favorite Thing (File Under Easy Listening, 1994)
Replacements- Favorite Thing (Let It Be, 1984)
Superchunk- Throwing Things (No Pocky for Kitty, 1991)
Dinosaur Jr.- Little Fury Things (You’re Living All Over Me, 1987)
Codeine- Old Things (Frigid Stars, 1991)
Small Awesome- Thing (Songer, 2016)
Buffalo Tom- She’s Not Your Thing (demo, 2010)

The Evens- This Other Thing (The Odds, 2012)
Faraquet- The Whole Thing Over (single, 2000)
Four Hundred Years- Who’s Driving This Thing Anyway? (The New Imperialism, 2001)
Rival Schools- Good Things (United By Fate, 2001)
Token Entry- Pink Things (Jaybird, 1988)
XTC- Pink Thing (Oranges & Lemons, 1989)

Karl Hendricks Trio- The Whole Fucking Thing (The Adult Section, 2012)
The Hold Steady- Cattle & Creeping Things (Separation Sunday, 2005)
Love Child- Things I Noticed (Okay?, 1991)
Melvins- Love Thing (Ozma, 1989)
Mudhoney- Sweet Young Thing…(b-side, 1988)
The Reigning Sound- Funny Thing (Too Much Guitar, 2004)
Wedding Present- Real Thing (acoustic) (b-side, 1996)

Robert Pollard- The Right Thing (From a Compound Eye, 2006)



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