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The Sweet- Peppermint Twist (Sweet Fanny Adams, 1974)

Peppermint Kicks- Its a Peppermint Christmas (Its a Peppermint Christmas, 2021)
Wyldlife- Peppermint Schnapps (Another NY Christmas, 2019)
Charcoal Squids- Peppermint Spiders (s/t, 2017)
Orphans (AU)- Peppermint (s/t, 2018)
Zen Guerrilla- Peppermint (Trance State in Tongues, 1999)

Strawberry Alarm Clock- Incense & Peppermint (single, 1967)
Rabbitt- Peppermint Morning (One, 1969)
Jack Stauber- Peppermint (video single, 2018)
Stranger James- Peppermint (Cape View, 2021)
Roly Poly Rag Bear- Peppermint Rainbow (Hana, 2007)
Stereogirl- Peppermint (Nada EP, 2019)

Zion-I- Peppermint Patty (The Take Over, 2009)
Funk Family- Peppermint (Everything’ll Befyne, 2008)
Hector Comancho- Peppermint Randy (Blackwatch Holly-Tonk comp., 2013)
Hefner- Peppermint Taste (Dead Media, 2001)
Lovers- Peppermint (Dark Light, 2010)
Cocteau Twins- Peppermint Pig (12”, 1983)

Eddie Moore- Peppermint Kisses (single, 1958)
The Elchords- Peppermint Stick (single, 1958)
Dick Dale- Peppermint Man (single, 1962)
Spectrals- Peppermint (EP, 2010)
Shonen Knife- Peppermint Attack (Secret Candy Power, 2019)

Months- Peppermint (s/t, 2015)
Flirting.- Peppermint (This Would Be Funny…, 2018)
Bleachwave- Peppermint Bliss (East Jesus, 2021)
Gourds- Peppermint City (Old Mad Joy, 2011)
The Owls- Peppermint Patty (Daughters & Sons, 2007)
Lily & Madeleine- Peppermint Candy (Fumes, 2014)

Saigon Kick- Lily & Madeleine Tribe (The Lizard, 1992)



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