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M+/M- Ep. 102: LAUNDRY


Songs about LAUNDRY!

Westinghouse Electric Corporation- household appliance TV spot (1951)

Psychostick- I Hate Doing Laundry (We Couldn’t Think of a Title, 2003)

Dead Milkmen- Laundromat Song (Big Lizard in My Backyard, 1985)

Cheer Detergent- Blue Magic TV Spot (1955)

The Detergents- Leader of the Laundromat (single, 1964)

Albert King- Laundromat Blues (single, 1966, Stax)

Joe Walsh- All Night Laundromat Blues (So What, 1974)

Vivien Goldman- Launderette (Dirty Washing, 1981)

Dash Detergent- Ship Shave TV Spot (1962)

Sonic Youth- Washing Machine (Washing Machine, 1995)

Johnny & the Raindrops- I’m in the Washing Machine (Live in Nottingham, 2019)

The Lilac Time- The Laundry (& Love for All, 1990)

Avett Brothers- Laundry Room (I + Love + You, 2009)

Wisk Detergent- Ring Around the Collar TV Spot (1970)

Pretenders- Watching the Clothes (Learning to Crawl, 1984)

GBV- Laundry & Lazers (Lets Go Eat the Factory, 2012)

Swiz- Wash (s/t, 1988)

Eyedea & Abilities- Spin Cycle (By the Throat, 2009) (*request)

Carole & Tuesday- Round and Laundry (S1:E3, 2019) (*request)

Solo Laundry Detergent- Forgot to Add the Fabric Softener TV spot ( 1983)

Slint- Washer (Spiderland, 1991)

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