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M+/M- Ep. 103: FUCK


Songs about the F-bomb.

Poster Children- If You See Kay

Beastie Boys- Hey Fuck You

Mudhoney- Flat Out Fucked

Supersuckers- I Say Fuck

Martha’s Vineyard Ferries- She’s a Fucking Angel

Fuck- Fuck Motel

Replacements- Fuck School

Fear- Fuck Christmas

S.O.D.- Fuck the Middle East

A.O.D.- Fuck the Neighbors

Iron Reagan- Fuck the Neighbors

Red Hare- Fuck Your Career

Creta Bourzia- Fuck the Tough Guy

Rye Coalition- Fuckinf with Beautiful Posture

Retisonic- Robots Fucking

Dis- - Another Friend You Fuck

Bikini Kill- I Like Fucking

Lemonheads- Fucked Up

Saturnine- That Fucker

PJ Harvey- Who the Fuck

Le Butcherettes- They Fuck You Over

Peaches- Fuck the Pain Away

GG Allin & the Scumfucks- Drink, Fight, and Fuck

Dead Kennedys- Too Drunk to Fuck

Dead Kennedys- Nazi Punks Fuck Off

The Stiffs- Fuck You

D.O.A.- Fuck You

Huntress- I Want to Fuck You to Death

Annal Nathrakh- Of Fire and Fucking Pigs

Canibal Corpse- Fucked with a Knife

Suicide Silence- Fuck Everything

Pajo- Angelfuck

Police Teeth- Motherfuckers Move Slow

Mt. Vicious- We Enjoy Fucking to This Music

Stay Gold Ponyboy- Dukes of Fuck

Garrison- Favorite Goodbye Fuck

B. Hamilton- Fucking in a Flophouse

Le Shok- Killed by Fuck

Dan Reeder- Work Song

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