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M+/M- Ep. 106: DUCKS NOT DEAD with Bräd & Issac.


Bräd & Issac from the Party with Me Punker FB discussion group join us live in-STUNODio for this Octobery punk rock episode.

Minutemen- Party with Me Punker (Politics of Time, 1984)

Cramps- Human Fly (7”, 1978)

Tall Dwarfs- The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (Slugbuckethairbreathmonster, 1984)

Glenn Danzig- Spook City USA (b-side, 1983)

Martin Denny- Aku Aku (Afro-desia, 1959)

Rudimentary Peni- Vampire State Building (Death Church, 1983)

Wipers- Better Off Dead (7”, 1978)

Mecht Mensch- Zombie (7’, 1983)

United Mutation- Lice & Flies (Fugitive Family, 1983)

The Poets- Dead (7”, 1958)

Damned- Wait for the Blackout (The Black Album, 1980)

Wire- I Am the Fly (Chairs Missing, 1978)

Bad Posture- Time for Smack (c/s, 1983)

Slaughter & the Dogs- Victims of the Vampire (Do It Dog Style, 1978)

Butthole Surfers- Creep in the Cellar (Rembrandt Pussy Horse, 1986)

Articles of Faith- Bad Attitude (7”, 1982)

45 Grave- Surf Bat (Sleep in Safety, 1983)

Samhain- Human Pony Girl (November Coming Fire, 1986)

Bauhaus- The Passion of Lovers (Mask, 1981)

Tones on Tail- Christian Says (7” 1984)

The Cure- 100 Years (Pornography, 1982)

Foetus- Boxhead (Ramrod, 1987)

Psychic TV- Twisted (Some Bizarre Records comp., 1985)

Christian Death- Deathwish (Deathwish, 1982)

Alien Sex Fiend- I Walk the Line (12”, 1986)

Die Kreuzen- Man in the Trees (October File, 1986)

Die Kreuzen- Imagine a Light (October File, 1986)

Grey Matter- October (Thog, 1992)

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