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M+/M- Ep. 154: GHOSTS


Songs about GHOSTS (just in time for Christmas 2020)

Superchunk- There's A Ghost (single, 2020)

Dag Nasty- Ghosts (Minority of One, 2002)

Swiz- Ghost (s/t, 1988)

Entombed- City of Ghosts (Morning Star, 2002)

Slayer- Ghosts of War (Southnof Heaven, 1988)

King Diamond- The Family Ghost (Abigail, 1987)

Chavez- The Ghost by the Sea (Gone Glimmering, 1995)

Shellac- Ghosts (1000 Hurts, 2000)

Unwound- Look a Ghost (Leaves Turn Inside You, 2001)

New Radiant Storm King- The Kind Ghost (Hurricane Necklace, 1996)

Karate- There Are Ghosts (The Bed Is In the Ocean, 1998)

Love As Laughter- I Am a Ghost (Laughter’s Fifth, 2005)

Portastatic- Registered Ghost (Bright Ideas, 2005)

Black Wine- Chateau of Ghosts (s/t, 2010)

Magpies- Places & Ghosts (Annex, 2017)

Dead Stars- February Ghost (Never Not Here, 2020)

Marked Men- Ghosts (Ghosts, 2009)

Hurry Up Shotgun- Ghost of Ursula (s/t, 2011)

Like Like The The The Death- Holy Ghosty (Ghosts of Dead Bros, 2012)

Swearin’- Grow Into a Ghost (Fall Into the Sun, 2018)

Scream Females- Ghost Solo (Castle Talk, 2010)

Christian Fitness- All Ghosts to Medicine Counter 4 (Love Letters..., 2015)

Rivals Schools- The Ghost Is Out There (Pedals, 2011)

Motherfucker- Carl Sagan’s Ghost (Confetti, 2015)

Arcwelder- A Ghostly Bishop (Everest, 1999)

The Fall- There’s a Ghost In My House (1988)

The Bad Livers- Ghost Train (The Ridgetop Sessions, 2000)

Daniel Johnston- Casper the Friendly Ghost (Yip/Jump Music, 1983)

Mekons- Only You and Your Ghost Will Know (OOOH, 2002)

Roky Erickson & The Aliens- If You Have Ghosts (The Evil One, 1981)

Unsane- Ghost (Wreck, 2012)

Whores- Ghost Trash (Gold, 2016)

Antelope- Wandering Ghost (Reflector, 2007)

Sparklehorse- Ghost In the Sky (Dreamt for Light Years..., 2006)

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