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M+/M- Ep. 155: Christmas


Its the Christmas Eve Special on Christmas Eve featuring cool songs about Christmas.

Brixton Riot- I Just Want a New Song for Xmas(single, 2019)

Wizard- I Wish It Could Be Xmas Everyday (single, 1973)

Shonen Knife- Space Xmas (single, 1991)

Shannon & The Clams- All I Want for Xmas (…Ruin Christmas, 2010)

Dijits- Under the Xmas Fish (Hey Judester, 1988)

Descendents-Xmas Vacation (I Don Want To Grow Up, 1985)

Future of the Left- The Real Meaning of Xmas (How To Stop Your Brain…,2013)

We Vs. The Shark- I Am Never Going Home for Xmas Again (Goodbye Guitar, 2020)

Left-Handed Cloud- Oh Its Xmas Time Again (Gathered..2019)

Mint Mile-Xmas Comes and Goes (remix) (PRF BLM, 2020)

Flaming Lips-Xmas At the Zoo (Clouds Taste Metallic, 1995)

Patton Oswalt- My Xmas Memory (Feelin’ Kinda Patton, 2004)

The New Mendicants-Xmas Eve (Into the Lime, 2014)

Slade- Merry Xmas Everybody (single, 1973)

AC/DC- Mistress for Xmas (Razor’s Edge, 1990)

King Diamond- No Presents for Xmas (single, 1986)

Wesley Willis- Merry Xmas (Rock & Roll Will Never Die, 1995)

Fear- Fuck Xmas (single, 1982)

Andy Shernoff- Fuck Xmas (single, 2012)

Ramones- Merry Xmas…(Brain Drain, 1989)

SLF- White Xmas (b-side, 1979)

Ravers- Punk Rock Xmas(single, 1977)

Vandals- My First Xmas as a Woman (Oi to the World, 1996)

The Business- Step Into Xmas (Bollocks to Christmas EP, 1981)

Flower-Xmas Lights (Hologram Sky, 1990)

Jennifer O’Connor-Xmas Party (Here with Me, 2008)

The Beths- Have Yourself a Merry LittleX mas (single, 2018)

Pansy Division- Homo Xmas (single, 1992)

Archers of Loaf- Assignation on Xmas Eve (All the Nations Airports, 1996)

Redd Foxx-Xmas Song (Sanford & Son, 1975)

Jonny Cohen & the Shoetrees-Xmas Trees Everywhere (Working Holiday 7”, 1993)

Jingleberries-Xmas Video Party (single, 2011)

Felix Gross- Love for Xmas (78RPM, 1949)

Kurtis Blow-Xmas Rappin’ (single, 1980)

Jesu-Xmas (Xmas EP, 2010)

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