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Blackjack songs for year 21 of the 21st century, broadcast on NYE!

Airbourne- Blackjack (Runnin’ Wild, 2007)

Black Reaper- Blackjack (Blood moon Rising, 2017)

Black Widow- Blackjack (Satan’s Playground, 2003)

Tygers of Pan Tang- Blackjack (Spellbound, 1981)

Savatage- Blackjack Guillotine (Wake of Magellan, 1997)

Climax Blues Band- Blackjack & Me (Flying the Flag, 1980)

Taj Mahal- Blackjack Davey (Mo’ Roots, 1974)

Ween- Blackjack (GodWeenSatan, 1990)

Death Grips- Blackjack (The Money Store, 2012)

Just Juice- Blackjack (Blackjack, 2015)

Ray Charles- Blackjack (Yes Indeed, 1958)

Lotion- Blackjack (Telephone Album, 1998)

Speedball Baby- Blackjack (The Blackout, 2002)

King Friday- Dignity Crusade, 2016)

Hollowbodies- Blackjack Manifesto (Lame, 1997)

Violet Violet- Blackjack Eddie (C-c-c-cat, 2009)

Canned Heat- Blackjack Blues (Boogie House Tapes Vol. 3, 2008)

The Moths- Blackjack Man (s/t, 2017)

Tortoise- Blackjack (Standards, 2001)

Rival Hive- Blackjack (Nightlight, 2019)

Rob Getzschman- Blackjack Was Never My Game (Brooklyn Demos, 2002)

Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson- Blackjack County Chains (Take It to the Limit, 1983)

Chuck Berry- 21 Blues (single, 1958)

Adverts- No Time To Be 21 (Crossing the Red Sea, 1978)

Back Flag- Retired at 21 (In My Head, 1985)

Bad Religion- 21st Century Digital Boy (Against the Grain, 1990)

Poster Children- 21st Century (RTFM, 1997)

Frank Turner- 21st Century Survival Blues (Be More Kind, 2018)

Jack White- Freedom at 21 (Blunderbuss, 2012)

Cranberries- 21 (No Need to Argue, 1994)

King Crimson- 21st Century Schizoid Man (In the Court of…, 1969)

Calamine- Sealab 2021theme (2003)

Breeders- New Year (Last Splash, 1993)

Donald Byrd Sextet- Blackjack (Blackjack, 1968)

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