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Do we have to spell this out for you?

Tammy Wynette- D-I-V-O-R-C-E (D-I-V-O-R-C-E, 1968)

Grifters- day Shift (Ain’t My Lookout, 1996)

Q and Not U- Soft Pyramids (Different Damage, 2002)

DEVO- Jocko Homo (Q&A, 1978)

Fishbone- Ugly (s/t, 1985)

Queen Latifa- U.N.I.T.Y. (Black Reign, 1993)

Andy Lambros- My Bologna Has a First Name (commercial, 1973)

Kinks- Lola (single, 1970)

Aretha Franklin- Respect (single, 1967)

TMBG- Don’t Let Start (s/t, 1986)

Bay City Rollers- Saturday night (single, 1974)

Sloan- Median Strip (Smeared, 1992)

Muddy Waters- Manish Boy (Hard Again, 1977)

Ramones- Pinhead (Leave Home, 1977)

Motörhead- R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (1916 LP, 1991)

AC/DC- Inject the Venom (For Those About to Rock, 1981)

Fang- F.U.C.K.Y.O.U. (A Mi Ga Sfafas, 1987)

Cure- Fire in Cairo (3 Imaginary Boys, 1979)

Pixies- I’ve Been Tired (Come On Pilgrim, 1987)

Arctic Monkeys- dangerous Animals (Humbug, 2009)

Missing Persons- I Like Boys (single, 1982)

Plastilina Mosh- Mr. P Mosh (Aquamosh, 1998)

Royal Pendletons- Pendleton Man (Oh Yeah, Baby, 1998)

Them- Gloria (single, 1964)

Ames Bros.- Rag Mop (single, 1950)

XTC- Your Dictionary (Apple Venus Vol. 1, 1999)

Elvis Costello- The Loved Ones (Imperial Bedroom, 1982)

Livefastdie- Amputated (Bandana Thrash Record, 2006)

X- I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (More Fun…,1983)

Dead Kennedys- Moral Majority (In God We Trust, Inc., 1981)

The Rutles- Cheese & Onions (s/t, 1978)

The Jam- A Bomb in Wardour St. (All Mods Cons, 1978)

Men Without Hats- Safety Dance (Rhythm of Youth, 1982)

Cameo- Word Up (single, 1986)

Mickey Mouse Club- Goodbye Alma Mater (1955)

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