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M+/M- Ep. 159: GUITARS


Tune up for this episode of songs about GUITARS.

Talking Heads- Electric Guitar (Fear of Music, 1979)

Beach Slang- I Break Guitars (The Things We Do…, 2015)

Night Marchers- 2 Guitars Sing (Allez! Allez!, 2013)

Victory & Associates- Turn Down the Guitars (These Things Are Facts, 2011)

Marnie Stern- Female Guitar Players Are the New Black (s/t, 2010)

Daniel Johnston- I Picture Myself with A Guitar (Hi, How Are You, 1983)

Sleater Kinney- Words & Guitar (Dig Me Out, 1997)

Beatles- While My Guitar Gently Weeps (White Album, 1968)

XTC- My Brown Guitar (Wasp Star, 2000)

Radiohead- Anyone Can Play Guitar (Pablo Honey, 1993)

The Who- Guitar & Pen (Who Are You, 1978)

Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins- Yakety Axe (Neck and Neck, 1990)

Empire- Electric Guitar (Expensive Sound, 1981)

Seething Grey- Rickenbacker Song (Mirrorcomputerchair, 1998)

The Speaking Canaries- Guitar Strings For the Holocaust (Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged, 1995)

Van Halen- Little Guitars (Diver Down, 1982)

Wishbone Ash- Me & My Guitar (Twin Barrels Burning, 1982)

Clash- Jail Guitar Door (s/t, 1977)

The Demands- Big Guitar (High Wire, 2009)

Dick Dale- Kind of the Surf Guitar (single, 1963)

TMBG- The Guitar (Apollo 18, 1992)

The Jayhawks- Miss Williams’s Guitar (Tomorrow the Green Grass, 1995)

Charlie Chesterman- Sexy Rickenbacker (From the Book of Flames, 1994)

Juliana Hatfield- Thousands of Guitars (There’s Always AnotherGirl, 2011)

Melanie- Baby Guitars (Affectionately…, 1969)

BB King- My Guitar Sings the Blues (single, 1985)

Elvis- Guitar Man (single, 1967)

Bread- Guitar Man (Guitar Man, 1972)

Jennifer O’Connor - Your Guitar (I Want What You Want, 2011)

Claude Fontaine- Strings of Your Guitar (s/t, 2019)

Dead Milkmen- Guitar Sing (Beelzebubba, 1988)

Neil Young- This Old Guitar (Prairie Wind, 2005)

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