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M+/M- Ep. 160: SONIC ROULETTE with LORI BARBERO (Babes in Toyland)


Lori Barbero bravely subjects her personal music library to game of random shuffle!

Babes In Toyland- House (Single, 1990)


Sonic Youth- Inhuman (Confusion Is Sex, 1983)

Father John Misty- Ballad of the Dying Man (Pure Comedy, 2017)

Melvins- Revolve (Stoner Witch, 1994)

Vue -The Shame (s/t, 2000)

The Distillers- The Hunger (Coral Fang, 2003)

Queen- Keep Yourself Alive (s/t, 1973)

Minor Threat-I Don't Wanna Hear It (“Filler” EP, 1981)

ELO-Tight Rope (A New World Record, 1976)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- The Carny (Your Funeral... My Trial, 1986)

Quicksand -Too Official (Slip, 1993)

Thelonious Monk- Locomotive (Straight, No Chaser, 1966)

Millionaire-Wake Up the Children (Paradisiac, 2005)

Devotchka- Viens Avec Moi (How It Ends, 2004)

My Bloody Valentine- Soon (Loveless, 1991)

John Lee Hooker- We’ll Meet Again (Chill Out, 1995)

Damned- Thanks for the Night (Damned But Not Forgotten comp/Single, 1984)

The Catheters- Nothing (Static Delusions And Stone-Still Days, 2002)

Kinks- I’ve Been Driving on Bald Mountain (s/t, 1964)

The Gits- Whirlwind (rarity Seafish Louisville, 2000)

Fantômas- Spider Baby (Director’s Cut, 2001)

Fugazi- Epic Problem (The Argument, 2001)

Grant Hart-Twenty-five Forty-one (Intolerance, 1989)


Babes in Toyland- We Are Family (Arthur Baker remix, 2020)

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