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Go for the gold with songs about the OLYMPICS in honor of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo!

The Shrine- Olympic Airstream (single, 2010)

Orange Juice- Moscow Olympics (b-side, 1980)
Belle & Sebastian- Olympic Village, 6AM (single, 2016)
French 79- Olympic (Olympic, 2016)
Heaps Good Friends- Olympic Sneakers (single, 2017)
Meteor- Olympic City (Chaos Theory, 2020)

Future of the Left- Failed Olympic Bid (Plot Against Common Sense, 2012)
The Kill- Fuck the Olympics (Make Em Suffer, 2012)
The Hives- Dead Quote Olympics (Tyrannosaurus Hives, 2004)
closure.-Olympic Cryathlon (A Doggone Split, 2019)
Tiny Ruins- Olympic Girls (Olympic Girls, 2018)
Bobby Hughes Combination- Olympic Girls (Nhu Golden Era, 2002)

Gotham- Olympic (Gotham, 2021)
DJ Muggs- Olympic Stamps (Winter, 2020)
Bronze Nazareth- Olympic Gold Medalist (Season of the Se7en, 2021)
Beast 1333- Rap Olympics (Birth of the Beast, 2009)
Hyung-Don & Dae-Jun- Olympic Expressway (single, 2012)
Acid Souljah- Olympics (Failurecore 2, 2021)

Fit Les- Official Fit Let Olympic Anthem (single, 2012)
Narrative- Olympic Software (Frame, 2021)
Foals- Olympic Airwaves (Antidotes, 2006)
Griddle- Theme from 1984 Olympics (Klimty Favela, 2006)
Griddle- Theme from 2060 Olympics (Klimty Favela, 2006)
Jack Hartmann- The Olympic Games (single, 2021)
Eddie Izzard- Alternative Olympics (Circle, 2002)

John Williams- Olympic Fanfare (1984 Olympics)
John Williams- Olympic Spirit (1988 Olympics)
Philip Glass- The Olympian Lighting the Torch (1984 Olympics)
Patriotic Fathers- Raising of the Olympic Flag (2012 Olympics)

Fuck Buttons- Olympians (Tarot Sport, 2009) (2012 Olympics)

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