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M+/M- Ep. 184: DICKS


A true bag of dicks.

Subhumans- Slave to My Dick (Incorrect Thoughts, 1980)

Too Short- My Dick My Sack (b-side 2002)
Riskay- Smell Yo Dick (single, 2008)
Bull Moose Jackson- Big Ten Inch (single, 1952)
Chuck Berry- My Ding-a-ling (Live @ Lanchester Arts Fest., 1972)
Rocket from the Crypt- Dick on a Dog (demo, 1997)

King Missle- Detachable Penis (Happy Hour, 1992)
Fred Schneider- Monster (FS & the Shake Society, 1984)
Judge Dread- Up with the Cock (single, 1977)
The Merrymen- Big Bamboo (Caribeat, 1966)
Owen & Leon Silvera- Want Me Cock (single, 1964)

Homer Henderson- Hillybilly Pecker (b-side, 1985)
Rolling Stones- Cocksucker Blues (unreleased, 1970)
Stooges- Cock in My Pocket (Metallic K.O., 1976)
Cramps- It Thing Hard-On (Big Beat from Badsville, 1997)
Fear- Beef Boloney (Fear: the Record, 1982)

The Clovers- Rotten Cocksuckers Ball (b-side, 1959)
Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire- Cock o’ the Walk (Thrills, 1998)
The Pharaohs- The Cockfight (Sam the Sham Revue, 1966)
Melvins- Tie My Pecker to a Tree (Tres Cabrones, 2013)
Mojo Nixon- Tie My Pecker to My Leg (Whereabouts Unknown, 1995)

Nomeansno- Big Dick (Wrong, 1989)
Ludichrist- Most People Are Dicks (Immaculate Deception, 1986)
Naw- If You Cant Respect My Goddamn Dick…(Caterwaul Society comp., 2020)
Muffs- I’m a Dick (Happy Birthday to Me, 1997)
Pajama Slave Dancers- No Dick (Cheap Is Real, 1985)

Buildings- Wrong Cock (Melt Cry Sleep, 2011)
Shellac- Boche’s Dick (At Action Park, 1994)
Dis- - Catch Me, I’m a Prick (Historically Troubled 3rd Album, 1996)
McLusky- Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues (…Do Dallas, 2002)
This Bismarck- Necklace of Human Dicks (Wild Prairie Rose, 2013)

Sparks- Dick Around (Hello Young Lovers, 2006)
Savak- Dead Dick (Beg Your Pardon, 2018)
Geoff Farina- Prick Up Your Ears (Wishes of the Dead, 2012)
The Zincs- The Meager Prick (Dimmer, 2005)

Robert Pollard- Cock of the Rainbow (From a Compound Eye, 2006)

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