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M+/M- Ep. 257: BUBBLES


Burst your bubble with songs about bubbles!

Jimmy Spicer- The Bubble Bunch (single, 1982)

Cockney Rejects- I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (single, 1980)
Rudimentary Peni- Farce EP, 1982)
ALL- Bubblegum (Allroy’s Revenge, 1989)
The Advantage- Bubble Bobble Theme (s/t, 2004)
The Advantage- Bubble Bobble Shark Skeleton (s/t, 2004)
1919 Fruitgum Company- Bubblegum World (Simon Says, 1968)

Verna Lynn- I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (single, 1959)
Sonic Youth- Bubblegum (Starpower EP, 1986)
The Bent Mustache- Bubble Bath (Forst, 2007)
Trans Am- Village In Bubbles (Red Line, 2000)
The Free Design- Bubbles (single, 1970)
Snuffleupagus- Bubble On My Snuffle (Sesame Street: Splish Splash Bath Time Fun, 1995)

Original Dixieland Jazz Band- I’m Forever Bowing Bubbles (78RPM, 1919)
Bob Willis & His Texas Playboys- Bubbles In My Beer (b-side, 1947)
Chon- Bubble Dream (Newborn Sun, 2013)
Stereolab- John Cage Bubblegum (single, 1993)
The Smile- Speech Bubbles (A Light for Attracting Attention, 2022)
Petite League- Yung Bubblegum (Rattler, 2019)
Moxie- Living In a Bubble (The Fall LP, 2018)
The Bubbleman- Here Come the Bubblemen (single, 1988)

Campbell & Gillette- I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (78RPM, 1919)
Don Ho- Tiny Bubbles (single, 1966)
Wayne Jarrett- Bubble Up (single, 1982)
Konshens- Gal a Bubble (single, 2012)
M.I.A.- Double Bubble Trouble (Matangi, 2013)
Wyclef Jean- Bubblegoose (The Carnival, 1997)
Death Grips- Bubbles Buried In This Jungle (Bottomless Pit, 2016)
Major Lazer- Bubble Butt (Free the Universe, 2013)

Herbie Hancock- Bubbles (Man-Child, 1975)

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