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M+/M- Ep. 260: STARS (pt. 1)


Songs about the STARS (40 episodes left until earth!).

Hot Snakes- Light Up the Stars (Automatic Midnight, 2000)

Poster Children- Zero Stars (DDD, 2000)
Bastro- Noise/Star (Sing the Troubled Beast, 1990)
Shellac- Il Porno Star (Live at BBC, Pee; Session, 2004)

Shiner- Starless (Starless, 2000)
Idaho- Star (b-side, 1993)
Karate- The Same Stars (The Bead Is In the Ocean, 1998)
Uzeda- Ten Stars (Different Section Wires, 1998)
Sonic Youth- Starpower (Evol, 1986)

Bob Mould- Star Machine (Silver Age, 2012)
Buffalo Tom- Flushing Stars (s/t, 1988)
Dr. Janet- Starry Eyes (7”, 1990)
Teenage Fanclub- Star Sihn (Bandwagonesque, 1991)
Broken Social Scene- Stars & Sons (You Forgot It In People, 2003)

Deep Purple- Highway Star (Machine Head, 1972)
Judas Priest- Evening Star (Killing Machine, 1978)
C-Average- Starlok (Second Reckoning (2001)
Circle Jerks- Stars & Stripes (Wild In the Streets, 1982)
Cockney Rejects- I Wanna Be a Star (Flare ’n Slippers EP, 1979)

Yo La Tengo- More Star Than Are In Heaven (Popular Songs, 2009)

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