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A chronological spotlight on the recordings of the band SLEEPYHEAD!

Sleepyhead- Hot Stuff (Why Do You Think They Call It Pop comp., 1994)

Sleepyhead- Tell Me a Story (demo, 1990)
Sleepyhead- Starduster (demo, 1990)
Sleepyhead- Play (7”, 1990)
Sleepyhead- Too Much Fun (b-side, 1990)
Sleepyhead- Nir Nir (Smell the Love, Bar-None comp., 1991)
Sleepyhead- One the Beach (Chinny Chin Chin: 4 NY Bands, 1991)
Sleepyhead- Albatross (Chinny Chin Chin: 4 NY Bands, 1991)
Sleepyhead- Genie (Chinny Chin Chin: 4 NY Bands, 1991)

Sleepyhead- Thorn (b-side, 1991)
Sleepyhead- Punk Rock City USA (7”, 1992)
Sleepyhead- Like a Girl Jesus (b-side, 1992)
Sleepyhead- Fairyboat (Punk Rock City USA, 1992)
Sleepyhead- You and Your Danger (Punk Rock City USA, 1992)
Sleepyhead- Fry (Punk Rock City USA, 1992)

Sleepyhead- Sick of Heaven (7”, 1993)
Sleepyhead- Salad Days (b-side, 1993)
Sleepyhead- Gingerbread House (split w/ Cold Water Flat, 1992)
Sleepyhead- Thumbs Off (Cleaned Out comp., 1992)

Sleepyhead- What’s Gonna Set You Free (Starduster, 1994)
Sleepyhead- Cake (Starduster, 1994)
Sleepyhead- CB (Starduster, 1994)
Sleepyhead- Solid Gold (Starduster, 1994)

Sleepyhead- I Love You The Rain (7’, 1995)
Sleepyhead- Go West! (Communist Love Songs, 1995)
Sleepyhead- The Coronation (Communist Love Songs, 1995)
Sleepyhead- Wake Up Call (Late Night Thinkin’, 1997)
Sleepyhead- Boys Don’t Lie (Late Night Thinkin’, 1997)
Sleepyhead- Citizen’s Band (The Brighter Shore, 1999)
Sleepyhead- The Box for Blue (The Brighter Shore, 1999)

Sleepyhead- Wild Sometimes (Wild Sometimes, 2014)
Sleepyhead- Here Comes the Flood (Wild Sometimes, 2014)
Sleepyhead- Without U. (New Alchemy, 2022)

Sleepyhead- Can You Leave the Light On? (New Alchemy, 2022)

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