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In remembrance of Frank Kozik here's a spotlight on the records he released during the first few years of his record label.

Experimental Audio Research- Delta 6 (Hydroponic) (10”, 1995) (MR-001)

Dale Crover- Forward (Drumb, 1995) (MR-004)
Dwarves- Good Night Tacome (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes…, 1995) (MR-005)
Blag Dahlia- Let Me Take a Ride (Haunt Me 7”, 1995) (MR-006)
Steel Pole Bath Tub- Auf Wiedersehen (7”, 1995) (MR-011)
Monomen- Monster (Monster EP, 1996) (MR-013)

Melvins- Interstellar Overdrive (10”, 1996) (MR-014)
Kyuss- Fatso Forgotso (b-side, 1996) (MR-015)
Brutal Juice- All American City (7”, 1996) (MR-016)

X-Cops- Beat You Down (7”, 1996) (MR-021)
Hellacopters- Get Some Action Now! (Super Shitty To the Max, 1996) (MR-022)
Unsane- No Soul (b-side, 1996) (MR-024)
Barkmarket- Peacekeeper (Peacekeeper EP, 1995) (MR-025)
7 Year Bitch- Miss Understood (7”, 1996) (MR-026)
The Onyas- Last Temptation of Macka (Live for Rejection, 1996) (MR-030)

Helios Creed- Abducted (7”, 1996) (MR-034)
Chrome- Old Time Fuck & Roll (3rd Seed From the Bud EP, 1996) (MR-035)
Gamma Ray- If Only Everything (If Only Everything EP, 1996) (MR-036)
The Action Suits- Visualize Ballard (Cancer Father, 1996) (MR-037)
Daddy Longhead- Brown Sabbath (Classic, 1998) (MR-039)

The Ton-Ups- Kill Me Slow (7”, 1997) (MR-043)
The Heads- Delwyn’s Conkers (10”, 1996) (MR-041)
Fu Manchu- Module Overload (Godzilla 10”, 1997) (MR-048)
Earthlings?- Mars on Fire (s/t, 2000) (MR-050)
Acid King- Teen Dusthead (Down With the Crown, 1997) (MR-078)

Dessert Sessions- Girl Boy Tom (Vol. 1, 1998) (MR-081)

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