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M+/M- Ep. 281- WORLDS (pt. 2)


Worlds colide!

Descendents- Jealous of the World (All, 1987)

ALL- World’s on Heroin (Mass Nerder, 1998)
Agent Orange- A Cry for Help in a World Gone Mad (Living in Darkness, 1981)
Bad Brains- Jah People Make the World Go ‘Round (Build a Nation, 2007)
Cro Mags- World Peace (Age of Quarrel, 1986)
Sepultura- Slave New World (Chaos AD, 1993)
Morbid Angel- World of Shit (Covenant, 1993)
Willie Nelson- I’ve Just Destroyed the World I’m Living in (demo, 1961)

1910 Fruit Gum Co.- Bubble Gum World (Simon Says, 1968)
Obits- Naked to the World (Moody, Standard, & Poor, 2011)
Head of Skulls- Vapors of the Modern World (You Became Your Mind, 2010)
The Holy Fire- In the Name of the World (In the Name of the World EP, 2006)
J. Robbins- The World Is a Very Scary Place (single, 2020)
Leatherface- My World Ends The Stormy Petrel, 2010)
Black Sabbath- Lonely Is the World (Heaven & Hell, 1980)

D.O.A.- World’s Been Turned Upside Down (Fight Back, 2018)
Screaming Trees- World Painted (Even If & Especially When, 1987)
Television Personalities- World of Pauline Davis (…and Don’t the Kids Just Love It, 1981)
Portastatic- Center of the World (Bright Ideas, 2005)
Sleepyhead- In a Perfect World (The Brighter Shore, 1999)
Magic Hour- World of One (No Excess Is Absurd, 1994)

Poster Children- World’s Insane (Grand Bargain, 2018)
Split Single- Goodnight World (Metal Frames, 2016)
Soul Asylum- Another World Another Day (Made to Be Broken, 1986)
Hüsker Dü- Masochism World (Zen Arcade, 1984)
Minutemen- The World According to Nouns (Double Nickels on the Dime, 1984)
Mission of Burma- Laugh the World Away (Vs. *bonus track, 1982)

Blake Babies- Invisible World (God Bless the Blake Babies, 2001)
Teenage Fanclub- The World’ll Be OK (Four Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty Seconds, 2003)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists- The World Stops Turning (Living with the Living, 2007)
Rival Schools- World Invitational (United By Fate, 2001)
Jimmy Eat World- World Is Static (Static Prevails, 1996)
Yo La Tengo- My Little Corner of the World (I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One, 1997)

Love Child- End of the World (Okay?, 1991)

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