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M+/M- Ep. 283: MACHINES


Songs from a well oiled MACHINE.

Pixies- Bone Machine (Surfer Rosa, 1988)

James Brown- Get Up, I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine (single, 1975)
Jackson 5- Dancin’ Machine (single, 1974)
Kiss- War Machine (Creatures of the Night, 1982)
Tad- Glue Machine (Salt Lick, 1990)
Conan Neutron & TSF- Misery Machine (Dark Passengers, 2020)
Desert Sessions- Powdered Wig Machine (Vol. 10, 2003)
Kyuss- Green Machine (Blues for the Red Sun, 1992)

Black Flag- Machine (Chunks comp., 1981)
Rollins Band- Hit Animal Machine 1 (Do It, 1987)
Damned- Machine Gun Etiquette (Machine Gun Etiquette, 1979)
TSOL- Man & Machine (Weathered Statues EP, 1982)
Bad Brains- Gene Machine (Quickness, 1989)

Kraftwerk- The Man Machine (The Man Machine, 1978)
Girls Against Boys- Cash Machine (House of GVSB, 1995)
Brainiac- I Am a Cracked Machine (Hissings Prigs in Static Couture, 1996)
Replicator- The Tiny Machines Are Still Out for Revenge (Machines Will Always Lets You Down, 2007)
Kaleidoscope- Feeling Machine (After the Futures, 2019)
Gluecifer- Heart of a Bad Machine (Soaring with Eagles at Night to Rise with the Pigs in the Morning, 1998)

Chune- One Man Dream Machine (Big Hat, No Cattle, 1996)
Codeine- Cigarette Machine (Frigid Stars, 1991)
The Wedding Present- Love Machine (Mini, 1996)
Replacements- Answering Machine (Let It Be, 1984)
Robert Pollard- Circus Green Machine (Honey Locust Honkey Tonk, 2013)

Oranger- Light Machine (New Comes & Goes, 2005)
Slovenly- Talking Machines (We Shoot for the Moon, 1989)
Milemarker- Sexual Machinery (Frigid Forms Sell, 2000)
Retisonic- Chemical Dumb Machine (Return to Me, 2004)
Exit Verse- This Machine (Grant No Glory, 2016)

Sonic Youth- Washing Machine (Washing Machine, 1995)

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