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M+/M- Ep. 285: FLAGS


Fly the FLAG!

Two Cow Garage- Brand New Flag (Brand New Flag, 2016)

Wire- Pink Flag (Pink Flag, 1977)
Stiff Little Fingers- Fly the Flag (Nobody’s Heroes, 1980)
Rifle- Under Two Flags (Under Two Flags EP, 2023)
The Casualties- Carry On the Flag (We Are All We Have, 2009)
Whores- Flag Day (Bash 17 comp., 2017)
Knumears- Our Flag Means Death (A Shout to See, 2022)

John Prine- Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore (s/t, 1971)
Johnny Cash- Ragged Old Flag (Ragged Old Flag, 1974)
Billy Bragg- The Red Flag (The Internationale, 1990)
Drive By Truckers- Darkened Flags on the Cusp of Dawn (American Band, 2016)
Patti Smith Band- Broken Flag (Wave, 1979)

Los Campesinos- This Is a Flag (Romance Is Boring, 2010)
Cat Power- American Flag (Moon Pix, 1998)
X Clan- Raise the Flag (To the East Blackwards, 1990)
Wu Tang Clan- Iron Flag (Iron Flag, 2001)
Jay Som- White Flag (Group Effort Vol. 1 comp., 2017)
The Sea & Cake- Bird & Flag (The Fawn, 1997)

Q & Not U- Book of Flags (Power, 1992)
Cursive- Flags & Family (Happy Hollow, 2016)
Fuzz- Red Flag (II, 2015)
Gouge Away- No White Flag (Dies, 2016)
Slutever- White Flag (single, 2014)
Origami Angel- 666 Flags (Somewhere City, 2019)

GBV- Exit Flagger (Propeller, 1992)
The Oh Sees- A Flag in the Court (Help, 2011)
Southern Culture on the Skids- Freak Flag (The Electric Pinecones, 2016)
Slow Season- Flag (Westing, 2016)
Dissonance- Flags (There Are Bite Marks on Everything He Loves, 2023)

Godspeed You Black Emperor- The Dead Flag Blues (F# A# ∞, 1997)

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