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M+/M- Ep. 288: LOOK


Look and listen

Nas- Made You Look (God’s Son, 2002)

The Queen Annes- Give Em the Right Look (Something Quick, 1986)
Screaming Trees- Don’t Look Down (Even If & Especially When, 1987)
Black Hollies- Look What You’ve Done (Softly Toward the Light, 2009)
The Phantom Tollbooth w/ Robt. Pollard- A Good Looking Death (Beard of Lightning, 2003)
Robt. Pollard- I Killed a Man Who Looks Like You (Honey Locust Honkey Tonk, 2013)
John Lennon- Look At Me (Plastic Ono Band, 1970)

Bitch Magnet- Lookin’ at the Devil (Ben Hur, 1990)
Gardner- Outside Lookin In (New Dawning Time, 1999)
Dinosaur Jr.- I Live for That Look (Green Mind, 1991)
Sonic Youth- The World Looks Red (Confusion Is Sex, 1983)
Unwound- Look a Ghost (Leaves Turn Inside You, 2001)
Broken Social Scene- Looks Just Like the Sun (You Forgot It In People, 2003)

MC5- Looking At You (Back In the USA, 1970)
Rollins Band- You Look At You (Life Time, 1987)
Minor Threat- Look Back and Laugh (Out of Step, 1983)
Token Entry- Look Around (From Beneath the Streets, 1987)
Underdog- Looking Out for You (7”, 1986)
Bold- Looking Back (Looking Back EP, 1993)
Pegboy- Hey, Look, I’m a Cowboy (Cha Cha Damore, 1997)

Stuyvesant- Dirty Looks (Aardvark 7”, 2019)
Cheap Trick- Lookout (outtake, 1977)
Chisel- Looking Down at the Great Wall (8AM All Day, 1996)
Joe Jackson- Look Sharp (Look Sharp, 1979)
Clash- Look Here (Sandinista!, 1980)

Marked Men- Don’t Look at Me (Fix My Brain, 2006)
Varsity Drag- Look At Me (For Crying Out Loud, 2008)
Nada Surf- Looking Through (The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy, 2012)
Teenage Fanclub- Don’t Look Back (Grand Prix, 1995)
Television Personalities- Look Back In Anger (And Don’t the Kids Just Love It, 1981)
New York Dolls- Looking For a Kiss (s/t, 1973)

Martha’s Vineyard Ferries- Look Up (Mass. Grave, 2013)
Shellac- Didn’t We Deserve a Look at You the Way You Really Are? (Terraform, 1998)

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