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M+/M- Ep. 290: ALCOHOL


A distilled, fermented, sometimes intoxicating episode.

Robert Jay- Alcohol (single, 1973)

Gang Green- Alcohol (Another Wasted Night, 1986)
Sptfireliar- Alcohol (s/t, 2009)
The Macc Lads- Gimme Alcohol (The Beer Necessities, 1990)
Sixth Ward- Alcohol The Crown, 2011)
GBH- Alcohol (Leather, Bristles, Studs, and Acne, 1981)
The Runts (LA)- Alcohol for All (s/t, 2007)
Short Round- The Alcohol Talking (Language, 2002)

Ozzy Osbourne- Demon Alcohol (No Rest for the Wicked, 1988)
Superjoint Ritual- The Alcohiolik (Use Once & Destroy, 2002)
Hellyeah- Alcholin’ Ass (s/t, 2007)
SDI- Alcohol (Sign of the Wicked, 1987)
Alcoholator- Alcoholator (Coma, 2011)
Driller Killer- Alcoholocaust (Brutalize, 1994)

Dr. Feelgood- Milk & Alcohol (single, 1979)
Kinks- Alcohol (Muswell Hillbillies, 1971)
Gogol Bordello- Alcohol (Super Tantra, 2007)
Saturday Looks Good to Me- Alcohol (All Your Summer Songs, 2003)
The New Pornographers-The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism (Mass Romantic, 2000)
Teenage Fanclub- Alcoholiday (Bandwagonesque, 1991)
Beck- Alcohol (b-side, 1993)

DJ Q-Bert- Razorbalde Alcohol Slide (Wave Twisters, 1998)
CSS- Alcohol (Cansei de Ser Sexy, 2005)
Butthole Surfers- Alcohol (Independent Worm Saloon, 1993)
FIDLAR- Alcohol (Almost Free, 2019)
Alkaline Trio- Take Lots with Alcohol (From Here to Infirmary, 2001)
Swans- Alcohol the Seed (The Great Annihilator, 1995)
Meena- Alcohol (Can’t See, 2021)
Greet Death- Your Love Is Alcohol (New Low, 2022)

Nirvana- Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip (demo, 1993)

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