Giving Up and Turning Loose

From a living room in the Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago, join Stephen Sowley for three hours of bizarre floor enforcement.

Cold Storage: Episode 75


Cold Storage Episode 75 (Airdate: 09.23.17)

  • Lee Oskar—Haunted House (After The Rain)
  • Steely Dan—Black Cow (Aja)
  • Avalanches—Since I Left You/Stay Another Season (Since I Left You)
  • Willie Rosario—Shining Knight
  • Digital Underground—Same Song (This is an EP Release)
  • Parliament—The Freeze (Sizzlean Mean) (Gloryhollistoopid)
  • Steven—Quick (Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound)
  • Parlet—Cookie Jar (Pleasure Principle)
  • Betty Davis—He Was A Big Freak
  • Nino Nardini—Afro Beat
  • Black Sabbath—The Wizard
  • Last Exit—Blind Willie (The Noise Of Trouble)
  • Sonny Sharrock—Blind Willie (Guitar)
  • Bill Orcutt—Christmas On Earth (Bill Orcutt)
  • Landed—All Night (Times I Despise)
  • Pailhead—I Will Refuse
  • Pelt—Heraldic Beasts
  • Sunroof!—Untitled
  • Herbie Hancock—Vein Melter (Headhunters)
  • Omar S—Chama Pirus (The Best)
  • Harmonia—Sehr Komisch (Musick Von Harmonia)
  • Alice and John Coltrane—Reverend King (Cosmic Music)
  • Black To Comm—Pill Drop Geisha (Wir Konnen..)
  • A Handful Of Dust—Truths Golden Harrow (Concord)
  • The Orb—Plateau (Live 93)
  • Bullwackies All Stars—Free For All
  • Yo La Tengo—And The Glitter Is Gone (Popular Songs)
  • Bob Dylan—Wigwam (Self Portrait)
  • Led Zeppelin—Hey Hey What Can I Do

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